The Legend


Sep 09

Added new CAMS automatic rhinestone machine

In September 2016 we made our next upgrade with a CAMS automatic rhinestone setting machine.  This machine will streamline our rhinestone workflow and allow us to produce more rhinestone transfers, with more stones, for less.

Jan 24

Started offering onsite printing

In late January 2016, we started offering live onsite event printing for invitational cheer, pom, dance and gymnastics events. At the same time we began printing our high-quality glitter transfers that we produce in-house.

Nov 01

Began Sponsoring the CCCAM Summit

We’ve been sponsoring the CCCAM Summit in Lansing since 2014.  The Competitive Cheer Coaches Association of Michigan provides training and education for middle and high school competitive cheer coaches across the state of Michigan.  We’re happy to sponsor this event and to print apparel for competitive cheer teams across the state.

Sep 24

Added our first 44″ Large format Dye Sublimation Printer

In September 2014, we added our first large format 44″ dye sublimation printer.  This printer allowed us to maximize efficiencies by printing from a 44″ wide roll of sublimation paper.  We’ve since added another 44″ and a 64″ sublimation printer.

Jul 20

First Automatic Screen Printing Press

We upgraded our entire shop in 2014 with the addition of our first automatic screen printing press. This press allows us to print up to 500 shirts per hour.

Jul 20

Added Rhinestone Decoration

In July of 2013 we added rhinestone decoration as an addition to our award-winning glitter printing lineup of bling printing techniques.

Feb 21

Moved to Jib St. Location

In February 2013 we moved to a much larger space at 14680 jib St in Plymouth.  This 5900 square foot space gave us the room to grow and expand Headfirst Printing. This space also had a deep well loading dock and almost 3,000 square ft of solar panels. With room to grow we were now able to take on large jobs that required warehousing and truck delivery.

Oct 15

First SGIA Expo & New Equipment

In October 2012, we attended our first SGIA expo and purchased one of the first vacuum (or 3D) sublimation systems in North America.  Previously only offered at large promotional product manufacturing facilities in Asia, our Sun-Fly vacuum sublimation system was possibly the first systems installed in the Midwest.  This system allowed us to create full-color, wraparound plastic prints.  We primarily used this technology to create phone cases and cover for advertising, promotional and retail product companies. Please note:  As of July 2015 we no longer manufacture or decorate phone cases.

Sep 01

Shift to wholesale printing

In late 2012 we decided to shift our focus to wholesale and contract printing.  We began by joining the MiPPA, the Michigan Promotional Professionals Association and exhibited at our first trade show, the MiPPA show at Laurel Manor.

May 05

Began offering printed mugs & drinkware

In May 2012 we added mug and water bottle printing using full-color dye sublimation.  We now have three different mug printers and can output 720 mugs per shift.

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