Silicone Ink Printing

Silicone Ink Printing

Modern shirts were meant to be printed with silicone.

If you buy business apparel for yourself or your team you’ve probably seen the trends shifting towards performance apparel.  Popularized by Nike, Under Armour and other branded sportswear companies performance apparel is usually a smooth, lightweight moisture-wicking garment.  These shirts feel great to wear and would look great on your team, right?

The problem is that most business apparel is embroidered and embroidery doesn’t work well with modern business shirts.  If you’ve ordered moisture-wicking performance shirts and had the shirts embroidered with your logo you’ve seen what I’m talking about here.

You get a nice, sheer, lightweight shirt that you really want to wear but once it gets embroidered you have this big, rigid, hard patch of thread on the shirt.  It’s not comfortable.  Even worse, once you wash the shirt it starts to bunch up around the embroidery.  Why?  Those loops of thread that make up your logo shrink a little bit every time you wash the shirt and the performance shirt?  It doesn’t shrink.  The result is a bumpy, wavy outline around your logo that gets worse every time you wash the shirt.

Look in your closet at your polo shirts.  Even a heavier pique cotton shirt will develop this problem after you’ve washed it enough times.  If you’ve ever bought logo apparel for your business stop and think about those shirts when you first received them.  Think about how great it was to see your logo on a shirt.  Now go look at that shirt.  If it’s a performance shirt odds are it’s all bunched up around the logo right now.  Even if you’ve never washed it.

10 years ago we all had one or two color raised ink business cards.  Most likely the card you have now is a slick, glossy full color business card.  Why?  The technology changed and full color cards became easier to make and more affordable.

The same thing is happening in business apparel.  With our Performance printing we print your logo using stretchy, smooth silicone inks.  This is the same ink that your high-end branded golf shirts are printed with.  These inks are colorfast, can be washed dozens, even hundreds of times without ever bunching up like embroidery and will showcase you and your team like the professionals they are.

It’s not 1997 anymore.  If you’re going to buy performance apparel why are you going to get your logo embroidered?

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