Reflective water based ink test – SUCCESS!

reflective inks

The reflective, water based ink test is a SUCCESS!

About six months ago I started testing a new reflective water based ink system that allows us to screen print a reflective image with a very soft hand in most any color.  This new water based reflective ink system is really cool and opens up tons of possibilities for decorating your garments.

water based reflective inks

Whenever I start working with a new decoration process I start by making staff shirts. The thought behind this is that if it looks cool my team will wear the shirts and if they wear them they will be washed regularly.

With this in mind we made a batch of Headfirst shirts using the black reflective water based ink.  We even printed a few really cool black-on-black reflective shirts.  I wear mine to the gym at least once a week. So, the shirt I’m wearing in the picture above is a shirt I printed 6 months ago.  It’s been washed a minimum of 30 times by now.

On the ambient light side of the picture above the print has faded and lost most of its contrast.  You really cannot see the print if you do not know what you are looking for.  The picture on the other side taken with the flash on my iPhone is bright and vibrant.

On lighter color shirts the un-illuminated reflective print is bright and has great print color.  Like all water based prints it will fade slightly after the first wash.

The most colorful reflective

11 colors of reflective inks

This HSA (high solid acrylic) water based formula provides excellent Wash-fastness for long term durability and is a Nike RSL approved ink. Prints well on cotton, cotton blends, and with an additive for synthetic fabrics. This ink displays extremely high reflective qualities when exposed to a concentrated light. Features the same soft feeling and appearance of water based ink under normal light conditions. Reflective Water Based Ink adds $1.00 per location to your print cost


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