ReflectX reflective printing

ReflectX reflective printing

See your apparel in a new light with RefectX reflective printing from Headfirst Printing.

ReflectX is our proprietary printing process that creates the most reflective print on the market today.  This exclusive process is perfect for cotton and cotton-poly blends.

This print is excellent for uniform and workwear applications that require nighttime visibility. ReflectX has excellent reflectivity even after washing and meets all safety standards and requirements of the National Fire Protective Association (NFPA).

ReflectX is the brightest thing you can wear

ReflectX is excellent for use in safety applications requiring night time visibility

This is what it looks like at night

Reflective Printing from Headfirst

ReflectX gathers more light than any other reflective print

Reflective Printing at Night

This is what a ReflectX reflective print looks like at night.

This is what your reflective print looks like during the day

reflective printing

This is the daylight look of your reflective print

reflectX is a silver gray print in natural light

ReflectX during daylight is a stylish silver gray color

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