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live event printing

Headfirst Printing is now offering on-site, live event printing! Why is this such a big deal?

Last fall at the CCCAM Summit (Competitive Cheer Coaches Association of Michigan) I met Jane from LMCCOA (Lake Michigan Competitive Cheer Officials Association) and she told me about her problem.  Jane’s organization LMCCOA holds an annual invitational event as a fundraiser for their scholarships.  Jane told me that in years past they have always sold t-shirts at this event as part of their fundraiser.  The problem is that they always get stuck with boxes of unsold tshirts after the event was complete.

Jane’s went on to tell me that she cried when she saw these boxes of unsold shirts in storage knowing that this was money sitting around that wouldn’t go towards the scholarships.

LMCCOA really wanted to use one of our glitter prints on their shirts (everyone involved in Competitive Cheer loves our glitter prints) but they were afraid of getting stuck with unsold shirts after the event.

I told Jane that I would see about a solution. And, after months of testing we perfected a glitter print that we can apply on-site.

LMCCOA Glitter Shirt

So what does this mean for you?  This means that if you have an invitational, a competition or an event you can have Headfirst Printing print your event shirts on-site live as they are ordered with NO RISK.  You never have to buy shirts.  We produce the shirts as your attendees purchase them and then after the event is complete we write a check to your organization.  You get all of the advantages of selling shirts at your event with none of the risk.

Could your organization could benefit from selling t-shirts at your event without any risk and without any up-front payment?

Testimonial for our Live Event Printing from Jane P. of LMCCOA on Vimeo.

Please understand that not every event is a good fit for this new printing opportunity.

Apply below to see if your event is a good fit for Headfirst Printing Live Event Shirt Printing

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