Contract Printing

Contract Printing

The majority of the screen printing work produced at Headfirst Printing is contract print.  This means that we are the subcontractor that produces the screen printing and dye sublimation for promotional distributors, event marketing firms, ad agencies, clothing lines and other printers.


We can produce screen printed garments from one-off pre-production samples to orders as large as 50,000 pieces. Our daily output per shift is 5,000 impressions.  Using our full resources we can produce a two-shift total of 50,000 pieces per week. 

In addition to garments we are also able to produce a limited quantity of screen printed corrugated boxes. We are currently offering a promotion of free custom print (one panel) boxes with each contract screen printing order of at least 1,000 pieces.


With two 44” Epson sublimation printers our  output is second to none.  We are able to contract print your blank goods or provide sublimation transfer sheets for use on your own heat presses.

Our in-house tooling and workflow is built around small format (under 15”x19”) production. We can produce large transfer sheets for you to use on your own large format presses, but our presses limit us to printing images that are 15”x19” or smaller.

Why small format?  We are the contract printing facility for one of North Americas largest manufacturers of screen cleaning cloths.  Because of this our sublimation facilities have been designed for fast turnaround of small (10”x10”) cloths.

If your project fits within the 15”x19” print size you can take advantage of our excess capacity and extremely low prices.

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