How we do things around here

Yes, it will look just like you imagined.

When I speak with our customers I often hear that their biggest fear in dealing with a new printer is that when they open the box it won’t match the vision they had in their mind.

We work with customers like this every day and we’ve developed a system that will minimize if not altogether remove that fear.

Let me tell you about the way we do things around here…

To start, one of our specialists will ask you about your order.  Are you ordering shirts, jackets, hats, flyers, banners, business cards or something else entirely?  This is the important first step in creating your perfect order.  The specialist will also ask you about your needs in the order.  Is it for an event?  Are they team or employee uniforms?  How many do you need and when do you need them?

Once your specialist has all of the order details correct you will be asked about the design.  Some of our customers come to us with a design ready to go, either as a print-ready file they’ve used in the past or as a ready-to-go project designed by a professional.  If you have that ready to go finished artwork, great!  If not, you’re still in good hands.  Most of our customers come to us with an idea or a sketch of what they want and we turn it into reality.

Show and tell

If you have an idea in mind you need to express it to us somehow.  It can be a detailed project specification or a sketch on the back of a napkin.  In the past we’ve even received faxed artwork specs.

faxed art specs for Waterford Kettering HS shirts

The art specs the customer faxed us to use in creating this shirt

customer sketch for Waterford Kettering shirt

the sketch we received to design the shirt

The images above are actual art specs we’ve received in the past.  What we do is take this information and create the artwork for your shirts.  In the images above you’ll see that the customer had a picture of the design they wanted to use on the left with notes sketched on the side.  In the image on the right they sent us a rough sketch of the image they want on their other shirt.

Using these images we created this mockup for them to approve:

Powderpuff Football Game Shirts

Powderpuff Football Game Shirt Proof Image

We emailed this image to the customer to approve and once they approved it we created this finished product.

The finished product

Senior's Shirt

This is the finished product for the Seniors t-shirt

Kettering Junior's Powderpuff Shirt

Junior’s T-shirt


With all of that communication between us and the customer we were confident that the shirts were exactly what they wanted, and they were.

We provide these proof images and mockups to every customer so that everyone can be on the same page and know exactly what they are receiving.

If you’re ready to experience printing the way Headfirst Printing does business give us a call at (734)418-9038 or schedule a concierge call now and one of our specialists will call you at the time and date you specify.

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